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ICV is the only proven & tested solution that allows you to go paperless, eliminate spreadsheets, and automate your cage and vault operations. Variances are tracked in real time removing manual errors.

CAS is the only solution in the gaming industry that has a fully-integrated Cage, Vault & Revenue Audit module. It includes our Insight Cage Vault (ICV) solution. Operate more efficiently, reduce fraud risks, and eliminate spreadsheets.

Anchored by the Daily Operating Report (DOR), I24 is a solution that unites your systems and delivers a consistent, connected, and personalized experience to engage your management team in the decision-making process.

Our Services -
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Our team combines their experience and creativity to get the most out of our software for you. We’ve spent countless hours in the vault and audit departments at hundreds of casinos. We understand your business, we understand what makes you unique and why.


Supporting our clients is the most important thing we can do. We share in your successes and take pride in making that success a reality. CCT provides 24/7 Support with rapid access to our team. We provide prompt responses and solve your problems.


Solutions are only effective if they are used correctly. Our Training team takes the time to educate users on software in order to eliminate the fears of the change to their every-day-work. We are next to you, 24 hours a day, during the implementation to answer your questions and respond to your concerns.


Our relationships with other gaming and hospitality companies provide a large network of trustworthy resources and connections to benefit your organization.


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Number of Casino Properties


Active Users in Casino Insight


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Accountable Inventory Reconciled Daily

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