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I24 provides a suite of management and operational-level reporting to empower casinos with an accurate overview of their operations. Our user-friendly dashboards provide near-time data on your daily operations, its comparisons to historical performance and forecasted plans, and the details that compose the high-level results. I24 provides focus to the individual departments and their contributions to the bottom line by providing portals to analyze player trends, machine performance, and property financials.

Access your data at any time, from anywhere. Now web & mobile-friendly, available in the Apple & Google Play Stores.

See the entire operation in real time, compared to many different time horizons and your budget. Within a few clicks, drill down from a full-operation view to a single player or slot machine.

I24 Platform Overview

Operations, Slot Machines, Table Games, Budget, Non-Gaming, and Hotel Portals provide in-Depth Analysis of Casino Operations metrics in filterable, multi-dimensional views.

Operations Summary to provide overall Operations Report in a distributable format.

Executive, high-level view across all operations with 7 stock KPI Horizon Comparisons for your data.

Slot and Table Performance; Slot Interactive Summary, Fair Share, Current VS Prior, Machine Listing, and Detail Reports Provide detailed metrics from your floor over a time range.

Detailed view of operations aggregated floor performance for in-depth analysis of floor strategies.

Management Level view of slot performance across 7 performance dimensions out of the box.

Aggregated Play; Slot, Table, and total Play summaries; Current VS Prior; Performance by time; Player List and Detail Reports provide detailed player performance metrics over time.

Detailed view of player list, performance over time, historical comparison across games and in total.

Management Level view of player performance over time with applicable comparison to the past.

I24 provides layers of real-time, relevant data, connecting you to your team, machines, and players.


Provides end-to-end visibility into the entire operation and promotes data-driven business decisions.


Reports are available in near real-time and updated throughout the day providing fresh, accurate data.


Evolves with your operations growth or data needs & compliments all other systems in place.


Connects the operation by providing one source of truth in user-friendly format.

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