The CONNECTed Series

Enhancing the relationships between our valued customers and becoming an educational resource to the gaming industry.

Upcoming webinar topics include: The DOR Pt. 2, cage automation, profitability and player reinvestment, cash analytics, bank machines, tips & non-gaming audits, slot floor optimization, forecasting and more!

Webinar One

The Daily Operating Report Pt. 1 - Get Command of the Numbers

Every day, your casino generates extraordinary amount of data. A high-functioning management team must grab command of the numbers and distill this vast collection of data points into clear set of essential metrics in order to provide insight into all areas of the operation.

In Part 1 of this CONNECTed covering the Daily Operating Report (DOR), our panel of casino experts spotlights what KPIs a DOR should be providing, the challenges in collecting those metrics in a timely manner, and why you need to include the DOR in your strategic decision making process.

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Webinar Two

Using CCT Tools to Understand Operational Recovery

As casinos are considering their re-opening plans, what does the management team require for making operational and financial decisions? Everyone knows that there will be a “new normal”, but what is it? Your current budget, KPIs, cash forecasts, and marketing matrix are obsolete. You can no longer rely on historical trends to drive your decisions today; rather, analyzing today’s data will be crucial to adjusting your recovery strategy as each day passes.

This CONNECTed session brings together our casino experts alongside CCT’s recovery analysis tools in a discussion focused on setting recovery benchmarks, how you can monitor them, and how these tools can aid you and your teams.

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Webinar Three

Automating Vault Processes & Optimizing your Cage Operations

Tired of spreadsheets and paper everywhere? We partnered with Wipfli to give you the insight you need to transform your cage operations in this CONNECTed webinar.

Watch the recording to learn how an integrated system like Insight Cage Vault will optimize your cage operations by:
- Eliminating spreadsheets and paper from your operations,
- Connecting teams across the casino to promote seamless communication and teamwork,
- Reducing the number of issued and managed exceptions,
- Providing reports that allow team members to interact with data and analyze summarized information, and
- Allowing easy, one-time data entry processes.

Don't want to miss this opportunity to hear from casino experts on the best practices to automate and streamline your operations.

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