How Casino Cash Trac helped Choctaw Nation streamline operations across their 22 properties

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma had a problem – business was booming, expansion and renovations were happening, new casinos were being opened. But since when is having a lot of business a problem? When you have multiple properties, you want to create efficiencies across your operations especially in the areas that have the most FTEs and manual procedures.  You want to be able to have a standard process for every property and if our CFO wants to know how much cash is on the casino floor at a click of a button you should be able to explain. Yet you need a simple, flexible, modular platform that is standard enough to be installed at each property, and is also adaptable enough to be personalized to each property’s needs, especially being able to expand for the larger operations, while remaining at a more core level at smaller operations. That’s when the Choctaw Nation turned to Casino Cash Trac and its Casino Insight ™, CAS – Casino Audit System. After an extended period of in-depth research, the Choctaw Nation selected Casino Cash Trac not for one, but for all 22 of its properties throughout Oklahoma, including its newly renovated showpiece property, the Choctaw Casino Resort in Durant. Choctaw Executive Director of Finance Christian Fenner said, “We’ve done all the research, we know what’s out there, and believe me, this is a system that can do everything you need to do. Bar none, it can take care of our properties and allow us to expand without having to worry.”


With CCT’s help, Choctaw rolled out all properties in less than a year, and the Nation has created efficiencies across the enterprise allowing them to be able to buy more recyclers, and for example solve the issue around managing tips where the process was very manually intensive and now we have over 7 recyclers handling all of our tips thanks to CCT.


CCT CEO Kurt Williams said, “When we first started working with the Choctaw Nation, they came to us with a very diverse business problem, and we all knew that applying just one solution was not the best idea for a casino with 260 games and  the same solution for a casino with more than 4,000 games. Each property’s needs were different, and that’s what made Casino Insight such an ideal product for them, because it is modular, because we were able to fit our solution to each individual property.” Fenner said, “During our research process, CCT gave us the knowledge we needed to make informed decisions about the configuration and the setup of the system. It allows you to have versatility here at the property level and to grow with our revenue audit team accordingly. You can scale it for a smaller casino, which we do have, and you can build it robust and huge for a mega casino that we have in Durant.” Of course, a lot has to happen between the sale, installation and going live, and CCT created a training program for each property, and then sent several staff members to stay with the casino for as long as necessary to complete the training and help the Choctaw staff become as familiar and comfortable as possible with every aspect of the system. The property was very pleased with the training. Fenner said, “The system is so user friendly. We were able to get the training we needed, and let me tell you, the training has been awesome. They’re here, they call me, they want to know what I think, how I feel, what am I seeing. The group is always just a phone call away. Believe me, the support team, the company, the system, everything about it is spectacular.” Fenner added, “The service and support has been amazing. I feel that CCT and Choctaw Casinos are true partners. They provided countless hours of support and knowledge to help our team grow to get to where we are today.” Technology in a casino always comes back to the I.T. department, and CCT worked closely with Choctaw Nation’s I.T. staff to ensure they were trained and understood the system and CCT has continued to go above and beyond on support to make sure every user feels like there are their number one priority.