Speakers: Joshua Weber, VP of Analytics, Casino Cash Trac | Dawn McGrady, Directory of Finance, Little River Casino & Resort | Tom McDonald, Director of Cage & Credit, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma | Christian Fenner, Director of Accounting, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma | Erica Kosemund, Sr. Corporate Director of Marketing, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

As casinos are considering their re-opening plans, what does the management team require for making operational and financial decisions?  Everyone knows that there will be a “new normal”, but what is it?  Your current budget, KPIs, cash forecasts, and marketing matrix are obsolete.  You can no longer rely on historical trends to drive your decisions today; rather, analyzing today’s data will be crucial to adjusting your recovery strategy as each day passes.

This CONNECTed session brings together our casino experts alongside CCT’s recovery analysis tools in a discussion focused on setting recovery benchmarks, how you can monitor them, and how these tools can aid your decision-making process.

Discussion topics:
• What are the operational benchmarks I should be focusing on in a recovery model?
• How much cash should I bring onto my floor?
• How can I easily measure the recovery rate of my players by tier, zip code, etc.?

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