Speakers: Joshua Weber, VP of Analytics, Casino Cash Trac | Chris Williams, General Manager, Golden Eagle Casino | Michael Manos, CPA, RSM

Every day, your casino generates extraordinary amount of data.  A high-functioning management team must grab command of the numbers and distill this vast collection of data points into clear set of essential metrics in order to provide insight into all areas of the operation.

In Part 1 of this CONNECTed session covering the Daily Operating Report (DOR), our panel of casino experts will spotlight what KPIs a DOR should be providing, the challenges in collecting those metrics in a timely manner, and why you need to include the DOR in your strategic decision making process.

Discussion Topics

  • Why it may be time to “re-imagine” your current DOR.
  • Using the DOR to better engage the entire management team in the decision making process.
  • Choosing the most meaningful KPIs to help you understand your operation’s performance.
  • Utilizing substantive data to create and review budgets.
  • How to identify and analyze relevant trends that provide a snapshot of your business.

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