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We are excited to get started! This page provides an overview of the I24 implementation process, important documents, and what to expect as we begin building relationships with you and your teams using the I24 application.

I24 Platform Overview


Operations, Slot Machines, Table Games, Budget, Non-Gaming, and Hotel Portals provide in-Depth Analysis of Casino Operations metrics in filterable, multi-dimensional views.

Operations Summary to provide overall Operations Report in a distributable format.

Executive, high-level view across all operations with 7 stock KPI Horizon Comparisons for your data.


Slot and Table Performance; Slot Interactive Summary, Fair Share, Current VS Prior, Machine Listing, and Detail Reports Provide detailed metrics from your floor over a time range.

Detailed view of operations aggregated floor performance for in-depth analysis of floor strategies.

Management Level view of slot performance across 7 performance dimensions out of the box.


Aggregated Play; Slot, Table, and total Play summaries; Current VS Prior; Performance by time; Player List and Detail Reports provide detailed player performance metrics over time.

Detailed view of player list, performance over time, historical Comparison across games and in total.

Management Level view of player performance over time with applicable comparison to the past.

I24 provides layers of real-time, relevant data, connecting you to your team, machines, and players.


Provides end-to-end visibility into the entire operation and promotes data-driven business decisions.


Reports are available in near real-time and updated throughout the day providing fresh, accurate data.


Evolves with your operations growth or data needs & compliments all other systems in place.


Connects the operation by providing one source of truth in user-friendly format.

Your I24 implementation starts here!

Reviewing and understanding the information below is critical to this project’s success. We encourage you to spend time reviewing the linked documents, understanding the processes outlined, and answering the site assessment questionnaire. Our team is with you every step of the way and available to answer questions you may have.

I24 Implementation Project Overview

This document outlines the entire I24 Project with details like: project milestones & outcomes, the I24 training methodology, the training & development process, I24 Integration Meetings for your teams, client deliverables, I24 benefits and the CCT Project Team.

Download Project Overview

Site Assessment Questionnaire

This questionnaire contains questions related to the configuration of each I24 module. Please answer as many questions as possible prior to the Site Assessment. Our team will walk through these questions in greater detail with individual departments to outline business requirements for configuration.

Download Questionnaire

Common I24 Project Milestones & Outcomes:


In person or remote meeting to formally kickoff the implementation process, introduce key stakeholders, and set timelines for future milestone dates.  Also provides an opportunity to answer any questions about the product, implementation process, or impacts that other project initiatives may have on your I24 configuration.


  • IT Environmental Setup Target Completion
  • Site Assessment Target Date


An important step towards configuring servers and loading data for validation – prior to setting a training and deployment timeline CCT will need to coordinate any gaming license, compliance, or IT approval procedures to avoid project roadblocks further into the process.


  • License Requirements Identified and Completed


Server, VPN, external data read-only connections, and data load configuration steps coordinated between CCT and Casino IT.  The establishment of all IT requirements that feed I24’s powerful reporting suite.


  • All IT Server & Data Connection Requirements Attained


On-site visit, tour, and assessment of business requirements and operational needs.  CCT will work to identify all user groups and departments that will require access to reporting and their unique needs from the Casino’s data.  These requirements will also shape the setting of SMART goals for each department and user for I24 to help obtain.

As requirements are gathered, CCT will build the scope of the implementation and aim to have all configuration, training, and deployment milestones agreed upon for future planning.


  • Business Requirements and Users Identified
  • SOW Signed Off


CCT validating external data to Client source system reports, configuring reporting, horizons, and dimensions.  Development and deployment of any Client-specific reporting needs.


  • Configure I24 to Business Requirements
  • Validate Data to Source System Reports


Documenting the Current to Future State of your Casino’s reporting and analysis.  Mapping the change of daily processes with the automation of I24 reporting and creating any supplemental user documentation to assist with process transition.  CCT will also take the SMART goals defined during the requirements gathering process and help place these on a roadmap for the training and integration process for each user.


  • User task integration mapped
  • Client use case(s) defined
  • System integration approach defined


Crawl, Walk, Run: building foundational software skills to aide in data-driven decision making with I24.  CCT will tailor Client-specific exercises to introduce users to I24 reporting with data in your environment.  This will also serve as a final data validation step and complete introduction of the I24 solution into users’ daily processes.


  • Build system skills with users
  • Explore & validate data metrics
  • System & best practice delivery


Defining CCT’s industry-leading Support & Issue escalation paths and kicking off the 6-month integration touchpoint program to further enable users to get the most out of the data available, while tracking their needs for further solution refinement.


  • Configure I24 to Business Requirements
  • Validate Data to Source System Reports